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Germany is a country of possibilities not only for Germans, but also for third-world country nationals as well. The land of invention and innovation is the fourth largest economy in the world and home to world known corporates and companies. As such, it offers the chance to many non-Germans to find a job and settle in the country.

The Germany Employment Visa is an opportunity for qualified foreigners to settle in Germany and work in their field. It gives to its holder the chance to enter and work in Germany for up to two years, with the possibility of extending the visa, and later applying for an EU Blue Card, or other types of residence permits.

All foreign nationals can apply for a Germany Employment Visa if they fulfill the conditions to work in Germany.

According to the “Act on the Residence” that regulates the residence issue for foreigners in Germany, the categories eligible to apply for a German Employment Visa are as follows:

Highly qualified foreigners, in particular:
researchers with special technical knowledge
x teaching personnel in prominent positions or scientific personnel in prominent positions
Intra-corporate transferees, in particular:
In addition, eligible and encouraged to apply for a Germany work visa are third-world country nationals with a university degree or a non-academic vocational qualification that fulfill the conditions listed below:

There is a shortage of skilled workers in the profession you want to practice in Germany.
You have a concrete job offer.
Your education must be recognized as equivalent with a German degree.

The step-by-step application process for a Germany Work visa goes as follows:

Get a job offer in Germany.
Check if you need a visa to Germany for long-stays.
Find out where you need to submit your visa application.
Collect all of the required documents according to the instructions.
Make an appointment for a visa interview.
Pay the German Employment Work visa fee.
Attend the interview.
Wait for a response on your visa application.

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